Camera For Video Conferencing

If you think of video conferencing you probably picture a webcam perched on a computer or monitor recording your image and sending it out to the entire world.

While webcams are most often used by online conference participants, it’s also possible to have the job done using a digital movie camera.

Which webcam or digital video camera you opt for depends on what you need. Below are a few factors to consider when making your choice.


These days, webcams are available for under $20 and precede all of the ways around $150. The gap between the high-end cameras along with the newcomer webcams are often because of the quality of the picture that’s put out. Wide-angle video conference camera is best for video conferencing as it provides good quality video and sound.


To begin with, have a look at the resolution of this camera. Ideally, you need to find a webcam which could produce at least a 640×480 resolution.

Then check the number of frames per second the camera can manage. For video conferencing, then the perfect amount is 30 frames per second (fps).

In the end, learn what sort of sensor the camera uses. The greater webcams utilize CCD technology rather than CMOS. Additionally, keep in mind that many webcams link to computers using a USB cable.

Digital Video Cameras

For a much better outcome (sharper and quicker graphics), you may use digital video cameras. These are the very same devices that are utilized to capture home movies, etc…

Digital video cameras begin as low as $250 and go up to tens of thousands of dollars. To be able to utilize a digital video camera, then you have to ensure that the system supports a USB or a Firewire output and it may be utilized as a webcam and join you with online software.

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